U.s Health Healthcare System Vs. Japan 's Health Care System Essay

U.s Health Healthcare System Vs. Japan 's Health Care System Essay

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U.S health care system vs. Japan’s health care system There is no such thing as a perfect health care system, however there
are pro’s and con’s depending on which health care system a nation chooses to adopt and implement. The United States health care system is not universal or mandatory yet it is among the top spenders on health care, however the quality of care delivered to patients is among the best in the world. Japan’s health care system is universal and mandatory and they are one of the lowest spenders on health care and are among the healthiest populations with low infant mortality and high life expectancy rates. The United States health care system and Japan’s health care system share similarities and differences which both have advantages and disadvantages for their citizens seeking health care.

One of the similarities that the United States and Japan’s health care system have in common is that the people who are insured have the ability to choose their own physician. However, the differences for the citizens of the United States, based on their insurance coverage plan det...

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