The Us Foreign Policy Towards Israel Essay

The Us Foreign Policy Towards Israel Essay

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The recognition of the United States to Israel was within minutes after the declaration of the state of Israel, and the Foreign Relations between both countries, Israel and the US, started after few years of the establishment of Israel in 1948. Although, the state of Israel is not really a poor country, but the US government certainly supports Israel. The US foreign policy towards Israel is obvious in every debate. Regardless of many problems that are happening worldwide, such as Arabic spring, Syrian civil war, and the stability of Pakistan, yet Israel takes the most attention in the debates and treated as a major concern in the United States foreign policy from the Democratic and Republican parties.
The United States aid to Israel started as small grants in the early 1950s. Then the United States increased the aid of Israel in the late 1960s and 1970s, especially after the six days war in 1967 and the war in 1973. (Troy,13) Since the late 1950s until 2004, the United States gave Israel around $193 Billion in economic and military aid (iiss). Many American businessmen and oilmen re...

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