Essay on U.S. Foreign Policy Regarding El Salvador

Essay on U.S. Foreign Policy Regarding El Salvador

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Located on the Pacific Coastline, El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, and the most populated. The United States of America foreign policy on El Salvador is best explained by President Obama’s approach on Latin America where the United States is focused on economic growth and equality, energy and climate control, and regional and citizen security (Foreign Policy, 2012). This is best explained using the international level of analysis and neo-liberalism where the global structure and economic interdependence provides the foundation of America’s foreign policy. To ensure that one can see the transparency in United States methodology I will provide the history of El Salvador, the creation of United States interest in El Salvador and lastly the current agreements and the results it offers to both nations.
Prior to indulging into the important aspects of the paper I am going to define some of the essential terms to ensure the order in which I instruct this essay will make sense as well as the political terms that I will provide. First, “neo-liberalism” proponents advocate the worldwide development of democracy, open markets, and free trade (Papp, 2005). Second, the level of analysis which I will be using the “ international level” which I will refer to the nation [as a whole], international governmental organization such as the United Nations, Nongovernmental organizations such as doctors without borders and the global community [allies or not] (Papp, 2005). Later, I will provide my counter argument where I will use the classical realism and domestic level of analysis to support my rebuttal. Classical realism refers to the school of thought that argues that a “nations external relations should rest on a foundation ...

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