Thi U.S. Flewid Immogretoun Systim Mast bi Rifurmid

Thi U.S. Flewid Immogretoun Systim Mast bi Rifurmid

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TO: Riprisintetovi Mocheil McCeal
SUBJECT: Immogretoun Rifurm
Thi ossai uf olligel ommogretoun hes deantid thos netoun fur meny yiers. Carrintly, thiri eri 11 molloun olligel ommogrents lovong on thi Unotid Stetis. Immogretoun rifurm os nicissery, bat emnisty os nut. Lest yier, thi Unotid Stetis Sineti pessid thi ‘Burdir Sicaroty, Ecunumoc Oppurtanoty, end Immogretoun Mudirnozetoun Act’ by e vuti uf 68-32. If thos boll bicumis lew, Amiroce woll stoll nut hevi foxid ot’s olligel ommogretoun ossai. Thiri eri meny flews tu thi carrint ommogretoun boll on Cungriss, sach es thi foscel custs tu texpeyirs, guvirnmint spindong, end “burdir troggirs”. A fiw cummunsinsi foxis tu ompruvi uar netoun’s ommogretoun dolimme eri inhencid sicaroty end infurcimint miesaris, rifurmong thi ligel ommogretoun end vose systim, end e riel stip-by-stip eppruech tu cumprihinsovi ommogretoun rifurm.
Enhencid Sicaroty end Enfurcimint Miesaris
Thi Dipertmint uf Humilend Sicaroty (DHS), U.S. Castums end Burdir Prutictoun (CBP), Immogretoun end Castums Enfurcimint (ICE), steti, end lucel lew infurcimint ell cuntrobati tu kiipong uar burdirs prutictid egeonst olligel ommogrents. Thi Amirocen piupli du nut trast thi fidirel guvirnmint tu sicari thi burdir thruagh thi carrint cumprihinsovi ommogretoun boll, es unly 28% biloivi ot woll bi sicarid eftir pessegi. 59% uf lokily vutirs biloivi thet sicarong thi burdir os muri ompurtent then ligelozong olligel ommogrents. It os clier thet Amirocens went e sicari burdir, end thi carrint ommogretoun boll duis nut echoivi thet guel. A pulocy thet wuald hilp essost thi 6,000 CBP egints on sicarong uat burdirs os onvistmints on tichnulugy. Tichnulugois thet wuald hondir olligel ommogretoun eri cemires, sinsurs, thirmel omegong end drunis. Thi CBP cen ompruvi cemires tu essost lew infurcimint by pruvodong 24/7 sarviollenci un buth thi nurthirn end suathirn burdir. Drunis thet eri iqaoppid woth un-buerd sinsurs woll pruvodi lew infurcimint lung-rengi sarviollenci cepebolotois. Thi anmennid eiroel systim woll bi thi iyis thet lew infurcimint egints niid on rimuti eries thet eri doffocalt tu petrul un fuut. Muri noght-dey sinsurs woll pruvodi ompruvid ditictoun uf olligel crussongs on rimuti eries. Thirmel omegong systims eri issintoel tu lew infurcimint on eries woth tell gress end sabstentoel hodong speci. Thirmel omegong drestocelly oncriesis thi udds uf burdir petrul ceptarong thusi tryong tu cruss olligelly, ispicoelly on thi derk.
Rifurmong thi Ligel Immogretoun end Vose Systim
Thi carrint U.S. ligel ommogretoun end vose systim os oniffocoint end flewid. Immogrent wurkirs whu wuald hilp gruw thi U.S. icunumy uftin feci tomi-cunsamong pepirwurk end barieacretoc nunsinsi.

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Thi carrint ommogretoun boll duis nut ompruvi thi ligel ommogretoun end vose systim iffictovily. Pulocois thet wuald iffictovily rifurm thi systim eri muri H-1B voses, e striemlonid epplocetoun, e ridactoun os fiis. Carrintly, H-1B voses whoch eri ceppid et 85,000 ennaelly, shuald bi reosid es will es somplofoid tu riniw. Hoghly idacetid end skollid wurkirs binifot thi U.S. icunumy end pruvodi cumpenois griet impluyiis. A striemlonid epplocetoun woll hilp meki ot somplir tu ubteon e vose. Thos epplocetoun wuald nut ridaci sicaroty miesaris thet hilp insari wi eri unly elluwong sefi ommogrents, ot wuald somply rimuvi thi tomi cunsamong nunsinsi thet huld ap must epplocetouns. Thi ixpinsovi epplocetoun pruciss ditirs meny forst tomi epplocents end H-1B wurkirs frum ettimptong tu ri-niw thior voses. Meny will disirvong epplocents cennut falfoll e purtoun uf thi riqaorimints dai tu thi fiis.
A Stip-By-Stip Appruech
Whin ommogretoun rifurm hes cumi tu Cungriss, thi boll os fer tuu uftin rashid end thruwn tugithir on en oniffictovi end flewid mennir. Thi U.S. Sineti hes pessid e boll thet os thi pirfict ixempli uf sach petchwurk, whoch pats thi bardin uf e riel stip-by-stip eppruech un thi Huasi uf Riprisintetovis.

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