Essay about U.s. Election Assistance Commission

Essay about U.s. Election Assistance Commission

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In 2009, a GOP-dominated law was passed in which was aimed at the requirements of the voters to prove their citizenship when registering for voting. However, this law could not be implemented by the state of Georgia until they received a go-ahead in January 2016. The U.S Election Assistance Commission has been very critical of this law, and that is why it took a lot of time to authorize this law (Smith, 2016). E.A.C is an agency of the federal government that was created in 2000 after the wake of the Florida election fiasco. Help America Vote Act created this agency, and it closely monitors its operations. This agency develops election-administration guidelines, and it also operates as the election clearinghouse. The law was barred by the suit that was filled by the League of Women Voters. There is also another lawsuit that is pending because of having the state purged the voters from the polls which were an illegal practice.
The proof-of-citizenship in the state of Georgia was blocked by a bench of three-judge on Sept 9 in both Alabama and Kansas. There are several Civil rights activists that have strongly been opposing this law. These civil rights argue that the State of Georgia acted against the will of the citizens. Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law was the civil rights activist institution that was leading the blockage for the proof-of-citizenship law. These activists argued that the state of Georgia was acting against the expectations of the Voting Rights Act. In this case, the First and 14th amendments were considered as a disproportion and disenfranchising to the minority voters (Ford, 2010). However, those who represented the state of Georgia argued that this law was to emphasize what is provided in a 2010 pol...

... middle of paper ... do away with any law or policy that would seem to arouse racism. African American citizens and the members of the Hispanic Community have always been treated as less of being American citizens. Thus, to these groups of citizens and many other civil rights activists, the proof-of-citizenship law seemed to be having some aspects of racism.

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