Essay about U.s. Congress Adopted The Title Ix

Essay about U.s. Congress Adopted The Title Ix

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In 1972, the U.S. Congress adopted the Title IX, as part of the amendments to the law Educational Act of 1972, with the commitment-site to provide equal educational opportunities for men and women, from pre-school to university level. This is the most important legislation on the Rights civilian-les linked to education; it also affects access to programs, services and educational activities and employment, as well as sexual harassment and bullying in schools and universities (Evenstad, 2013).
It prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sex in any program or activity that the agencies or educational institutions, public or private, that receive federal funds. Although this legislation made no direct reference to athletic activities, but to the educational, in the 1975 amendments (Educational Admendments of 1974) were incorporated. Since then, it changed the face of school and college sports in the United States. For example, this prevents that in physical education programs and athletic discriminate in the admission of students, the recruitment of student-athletes, the granting of financial aid or scholarships, offering courses, extracurricular activities and awards, as well as the use of sports facilities, the time and schedule of practices and games.
As can be seen throughout the history of the sport, the teams dedicated to a collective and contact such as basketball, teams are divided by sex. Title IX regulations allow an Athletic Department of an educational institution to have separated from men and women, based on the competitive skills or if it is a contact sport. Educational institutions tend to justify the segregation by sex in the sports grounds to the potential damage to the health and safety of the players, as well as...

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...f the boys’ basketball team of the sixth grade and Karen O 'Connor the competences schoolchildren. The management school did not allowed, but invited to participate in the team of girls. O 'Connor decided to practice with none of the teams and their parents filed a lawsuit against the school district. The District Court of Illinois recognized that the girls’ team was not adapted to the interests and skills of O 'Connor, but boys’ provided related competition with his talent and ability to play. It was granted a preliminary injunction in her favor. School administration appealed, claiming that there were teams separated by sex according to the skills of the students. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the decision of the District Court and concluded that the school program not violated the equal protection clause the laws or to the provisions of title IX.

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