Essay about U.s. Armed Forces Cold War

Essay about U.s. Armed Forces Cold War

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U.S. Armed Forces Cold War training on state of the art future weapon systems came to bear in the conflict with Iraq. The Iraqi Army and the famed Iraqi Republican Guard were a battle hardened veteran force, feared by both political and military allies and foes. The United States entered the Gulf War with the liberation of the Kuwaiti nation as their primary goal. The United States Armed Forces demonstrated that superior training, innovative battle tactics, and quick decision-making would easily overcome whatever force you may face across the broad spectrum of military operations.

The Beginning: Invasion of Kuwait
By February 1, 1990, the Iraqi government had the confidence, the military power, years of frustration, and a national debt they could not pay. Saddam Hussein had engaged in months of negotiations with the United Nations Security Council to remove Iraqi military forces from the Kuwait-Iraq border. At the same time, Saddam was also in negotiations with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to have their continued financial support and lower the national debt that accrued during the Iran-Iraq war. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia refused to continue financial support. Iraqis believed that Kuwait was using directional boring techniques to siphon natural resources from Iraqi lands. To add fuel to the fire Saddam and the Iraqi people always believed that Kuwait “ was an artificial state carved out of the Iraqi coast by Western colonialists; in fact, Kuwait had been internationally recognized as a separate entity before Iraq itself was created by Britain under a League of Nations mandate after World War I.“(Military History Channel.) N.p.) Saddam Hussein’s decision to take Kuwait under Iraqi control was solidified by his nee...

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...q wars, Iraq outfitted their forces with the Russian built T-72 tank and the Russian Mig fighter jets. For the most part all of the armament that the Iraqi armed forces owned, from air defense to APC to trucks, were all Russian built. Even with all of the best Russian equipment during that period, the Iraqi armed forces had only challenge that they never could overcome logistics. How to get the beans and bullets to the fighting force in the field spelled disaster for the Iraqis.

Operation Desert Shield began and Iraq refused to leave Kuwait. After the time for the Iraqi withdraw had passed, Operation Desert Storm went under way. Just before the ultimatum time passed Saddam took his Republican Guard, pulled them back across the Iraqi border, and replaced them with his conventional armor and infantry division. This was problematic for two reasons.

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