Essay about US Actions in World War I

Essay about US Actions in World War I

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US Actions in World War I A point that has been studied by many is for what reason were the U-2s flown over Russian territory in the first place. Eisenhower claimed to want to “get a better handle on Soviet capabilities.” (Judge and Langdon, 135). Meaning that he wanted to know if the Russians were producing more weapons, such as IBMs. The American people were also worried that there was a ‘missile gap’ favoring Russia. Eisenhower also wanted to know by how much the United States was behind, if they were, and Russia would not disclose that information.
Specific information regarding the war was kept secret on both sides for several reasons. Eisenhower could not admit his source of information that there was no ‘missile gap’ for fear of jeopardizing the U-2 missions and so people would not just assume that they would surely win this war and let their defenses down. It would also be possible that people would be angry with him for committing espionage during peace time. Khrushchev also did not admit that he knew of the U-2s for the sake of making Russia still appear strong and able to defend themselves against outside powers. Also, to protect himself from his own government, who would jump at the sign of weakness and kick him out of office and take over for themselves.
Another question asked by many researchers is what was President Eisenhower's reasoning behind the decisions he made about the U-2 incident. Primarily, Eisenh...

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...h was a satellite used for surveillance of Russia from 1959 to 1972. Of course, because of the failing of the Paris Summit, the Cold War was extended. Had Eisenhower apologized to Khrushchev, both the United States and Russia would have been saved the time, the money, and the worry of preparing for a possible violent war.

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Essay about US Actions in World War I

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