Urbanization And Development Of Modernization Essay

Urbanization And Development Of Modernization Essay

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Urbanization is related to development of modernization and industrialization signifies an expanding urban population and an extension of the building up territory of cities (Brade, I. ; Kovacs, Z., 2014). From 1949 to 1979, the rate of urbanization rose from 10.64 per cent to 18.96 per cent respectively (the United Nations, 2014). Comparatively, urbanization in 1978 grew triple the rate of the in 1978 , increasing almost 1 percentage point in ever year from 18.96 per cent to 46.6 per cent between 1998 and 2009 that means 622 million people are living in big or small cities and towns (Xinhua Netnews, March 30, 2010). In fact, there is 56.1 per cent of population in China residing in urban areas in 2016 (Xinhua Netnews,2016). With the increasing of economy, more people reside in urban place than in rural place. Taking Chengdu as an example, Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province that is located in mid-western China. It cover 1,234 km2 and have a population of 11.25 million. It is the first area to experience the balance of urban and rural development in China. At the end of 2015 , the government of Sichuan declared that 47.5 per cent of population in Chengdu live in urban area that increase 7.3 per cent comparing with it in 2010 (Xinhua Netnews, 2015). However, the gap between rural area and urban area is still very large. The government in Chengdu carried on to solve this problem and coordinate urban and rural area development since 2003, aiming to balanced the development between this two sectors by encouraging rural migrants move into a big city, a small city, a town and a new residential area. Also, the Chinese government promoted a policy called 'the Small City Strategy ' that intended to prevent large...

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...big cities to become over-population and consist more small cities to promote big cities. According to these two way, It will be effective to narrow the gap between urban and rural area and to be helpful for the government to have more power to manage and control the economy, population and some other affairs. Notably, after 5.12 earthquake in Wenchuan, the economy in Sichuan felled down quickly and some people who were living in earthquake zones become homelessness. So, the government use coordinated residential plan and 'small city strategy ' to restore the economy and society and help homeless people move into a new residential that are near their new working place. Above all, the coordinated residential plan and 'small city strategy ' are the most useful and effective way to solve the issue that Sichuan are facing and reach a great balance in urban-rural area.

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