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Most people take the urban public transportation system for granted. It is used in every aspect of our daily lives: work, education, medical necessities, recreation, etc. It is also important for the transportation of goods and services, which aids the growth and maintenance of our economy. Urban public transportation is the critical component of our quality of life and economic stability. The MBTA, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, is Boston and Eastern Massachusetts’s major transportation service. The MBTA has played a central role in the development of Boston and surrounding cities and towns for more than a century; providing service from 175 cities and towns into Boston. On an average weekday over 1.2 million trips are made on the subway, buses, commuter lines and other services in the mass transit system. With an international airport, a ship port, the highways, and the rail lines to connect regional cities and towns to national and international destinations and markets, Boston’s urban public transportation system has made the region’s growing role in the global economy possible.
The transit rail lines are the most used of the MBTA system. In 2005, on the average weekday there were over 630,000 boardings on the rapid transit, light rails, and commuter lines; an estimated 70 percent of the MBTA system. Boston has several important TRL, which consist of a network of light and rapid transit rails and the regional commuter rail lines operated by the MBTA. The TRL consists of three rapid transit lines- the Red, Orange, and Blue lines, and two light rails-the Green line and the Ashmont-Mattapan Line (designated as part of the Red line) and the Commuter (Purple) lines. The TRL allow for high capacity transportation ...

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