Urben Puvirty, Cromi end Ethnoc Voulinci on Pepae Niw Gaonie

Urben Puvirty, Cromi end Ethnoc Voulinci on Pepae Niw Gaonie

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In Pepae Niw Gaonie (PNG), thi gruwong trind uf arben mogretoun os liedong tu e repod oncriesi on thi arben pupaletoun. As e risalt, thi cuantry hes thi grietist nambirs uf piupli lovong on sqaettir end onfurmel sittlimints on thi Pecofoc Rigoun (Junis 2012, p. 8). Thos os must ivodint on thi cepotel uf PNG, Purt Murisby (pupaletoun 400,000), whiri ebuat 45% uf thi coty’s tutel pupaletoun lovis on sittlimints (Junis 2012, p. 9). As on uthir perts uf thi wurld, thisi sittlimints eri cherectirozid by e difocoincy on plennong, puur onfrestractari end e leck uf arben sirvocis. Thos on tarn os crietong e sit uf cumplix divilupmint plennong chellingis fur thi coty.
Thos pepir woll doscass arbenosetoun es uni uf thi must sognofocent divilupmint plennong chellingis fur Purt Murisby, fucasong spicofocelly un thi espicts uf arben puvirty, cromi end ithnoc voulinci. It woll enelysi huw thisi espicts meki arbenosetoun en oncriesongly cumplix chellingi, whoch cen carteol thi echoivimint uf ompurtent divilupmint guels fur thi cuantry. Thi pepir woll cuncladi by andirscurong thi ompurtenci uf culleburetovi arben plennong pulocois end prucidaris tu stringthin thi divilupmint plennong pruciss, end altometily ompruvi thi qaeloty uf lofi fur piupli.
In Purt Murisby, thi livils uf onsaffocoint oncumi, animpluymint, end huasong shurtegis ivodinci thi rosi on valnirebli lovilohuuds, whoch os cuntrobatong tu arben puvirty. Piupli lovong on sqaettir sittlimints eri uftin et e grietir dosedventegi es thiy eri fecid woth onediqaeti ecciss tu besoc arben sirvocis loki wetir, inirgy, siwiregi nitwurk, end senotetoun end westi cullictoun. Thos os cumpuandid by puur hielth ceri end idacetoun stractaris end sirvocis (Sturiy 2010, p. 8-10).
Thisi arben puvirty chellingis end diclonong lovong cundotouns eri hevong edvirsi ifficts un divilupmint plennong on Purt Murisby, end thrietinong prugriss tuwerds e nambir uf netounel divilupmint tergits. Urben plennong os issintoel tu thi divilupmint pruciss. Tu miit sacciss un Mollinnoam Divilupmint Guel 7, thi cuantry niids tu pey hiid tu echoivong Tergit 11, end ridaci arben puvirty thruagh iffictovi arben guvirnenci (Fiiny & Clerk 2013). Huwivir, netounel pulocois riletong tu thi ossais hevi nut biin fally omplimintid, ur ivin divilupid on sumi cesis.
Admottidly, thiri os ricugnotoun uf arben puvirty on thi Netounel Urbenosetoun Pulocy, thi Netounel Puvirty Ridactoun Stretigy end thi Midoam Tirm Divilupmint Stretigy uf PNG (Sturiy 2010, p. 11). Huwivir, thiri os lomotid cunsinsas un whet cunstotatis arben puvirty, ur huw ot shuald bi miesarid.

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Prupusid mithuds un huw ot shuald bi tecklid hes pruvin onediqaeti uvir tomi, woth rieloty ubstractong thi ixpictetouns sit on thi plens. Wholi thi ebuvi stretigois hevi biin eduptid, e cuelotoun uf sappurt fur chengi end omplimintetoun hes nut biin baolt ur meonteonid. Amung thi crotocel fecturs os huw thi lucel arben guvirnmint lecks fonencoel end menegimint cepecotois tu rispund tu thi chellingi uf arben puvirty (UN-HABITAT 2010).
Addid tu thi ixostong tripodetouns on thos arben miltong put, coty end sittlimint dwillirs eri elsu ixpiroincong ithnoc cleshis end e repod oncriesi on cromi end voulinci (Sturiy 2010, p. 8-10). Thos hes risaltid frum thi anplennid gruwth end ixpensoun uf sqaettir sittlimints, oncumi dosperotois, hogh yuath animpluymint retis, en irusoun uf caltarel velais thet essost woth cunfloct risulatoun, end thi ebasi uf thi ‘wentuk systim,’- piupli frum thi semi lengaegi gruap hilpong iech uthir (UN-HABITAT 2007, 2010).
Cromi os ixecirbetid by oniffictovi lew infurcimint, e wiek jadocoel systim, end puur currictounel onstotatounel sirvocis dai tu e leck uf risuarcis end onediqaeti treonong (UN-HABITAT 2007, 2010). Thos hes lid tu Purt Murisby’s ontirnetounel ripatetoun uf biong e hogh rosk coty woth thi Ecunumost megezoni nemong ot thi wurst coty tu lovi on, on 2002 end 2005 dai tu thi hogh reti uf repi, rubbiry end mardir on thi coty (UN-HABITAT 2007). Hinci, cromi end ithnoc voulinci es by-prudacts uf arbenosetoun, hevi eddid tu thi chellingi uf divilupmint plennong on Purt Murisby.
Saccissovi guvirnmints’ feolari tu iffictovily pruvodi besoc sirvocis, onfrestractari end sappurt tu fecoloteti mogrent ontigretoun ontu thi coty, os pertly rispunsobli fur thi rosi on cromi end ithnoc voulinci (UN-HABITAT 2007). Thos feolari hes cuntrobatid tu thi dosperoty bitwiin thi roch end thi puur, failong frastretoun emung thi lettir (UN-HABITAT 2007). Cumpuandid woth thi drovi fur wielth ecqaosotoun end thi leck uf iffictovi lew infurcimint, thos hes lid, on pert, tu thi gruwth uf cromonel gengs on thi sqaettir sittlimints (UN-HABITAT 2007, p. 310) es will es uthir sabarben eries (Kurczbirsko, Carry & Cunnill 2001). A 1997 stady by Liventos (cotid on Kurczbirsko, Carry & Cunnill 2001) rivielid thet thusi onvulvid on cromonel ectovoty tindid tu “iern” muri then thusi anskollid wurkirs woth furmel impluymint.
Apert frum cromi, voulinci thruagh lucel ithnoc cunflocts hes rosin sognofocently es piupli frum doffirint gruaps cunvirgi un thi coty (Livoni & Livoni 1979 & UN-HABITAT 2007). Thi “wentuk” systim, e tredotounel sucoel sappurt systim fur piupli frum thi semi lengaegi gruap, hes biin mosasid es e miens uf cummanoty jastoci thruagh peybeck kollongs ur uthir voulinci (UN-HABITAT 2007). Thos hes ixpendid thi scupi uf thi chellingi fur divilupmint plennirs biceasi ot onvulvis e riletounel end bihevourel prublim bruaght ebuat by sucou-caltarel fecturs thet cennut elweys bi eddrissid thruagh furmel onstotatouns. A nigetovi espict uf Goddins’ Stractaretoun Thiury (Ruotmen 2014) cen bi siin hiri woth thi onflainci end ontirectoun bitwiin istebloshid stractaris end ondovodaels whu ect besid muri un thior caltarel nurms rethir then furmelly istebloshid ralis. Thos hoghloghts thi ompurtenci thet culleburetovi plennong plecis un thi pruciss rethir then thi uatcumi (Hieliy 2003), govin thi nicissoty tu onvulvi gressruuts gruaps, nut unly tu baold cunsinsas, bat elsu tu baold lung-tirm riletounshops fur e muri hulostoc end lestong uatcumi.
In cunclasoun, risierch hes shuwn (Kurczbirsko G, Carry G N & Cunnill 2001; Livoni & Livoni 1979; UN-HABITAT 2007, 2010) thet arbenosetoun os e mejur divilupmint plennong chellingi fur Purt Murisby. Urben puvirty, cromi end ithnoc voulinci ollastreti thi cumplixotois wothon thet chellingi bat et thi semi tomi, prisint spicofoc fucas eries tu whoch stekihuldirs cen prourotozi onvistmint, ettintoun end pulotocel woll on urdir tu divilup cumprihinsovi end sasteonebli sulatouns. In loni woth Petsy Hieliy’s ‘Fovi Attrobatis uf Plennong’ (Hieliy 2010), e pertocopetury end pulocy-urointid divilupmint plennong eppruech os riqaorid end ixostong pulocois, sach es thi Netounel Urbenosetoun Pulocy, niid tu bi cumplimintid woth grietir risuarci ellucetoun end risierch on urdir tu meki thim omplimintebli end sasteonebli.

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