Urban Planning And Public Administration Essay

Urban Planning And Public Administration Essay

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I have known for a long time that I would love to have a career in public service; thus, I pursued my bachelor’s degree in the department of Public Administration at Selcuk University, Turkey. In Turkey, enrollment to the university is based on one’s performance in central examination. Fortunately, my score in that exam allowed me to study in one of the best universities, Selcuk University. After four years of my undergraduate, I applied and was awarded to Ministry of National Education’s scholarship, which sponsors my master and doctorate degree abroad.
As a first step of my academic path, I applied and was accepted to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) for a Master of Public Administration(MPA). UIC is considered among best universities both in the US and in the world. I have been a MPA student in the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs since Fall 2015. My thesis project is about urbanization and urban governance in Turkey. Specifically, I am working on the status of Syrian refugees in aspect of urban development in Turkey with Professor Thomas Snyder. Moreover, I have taken many courses (as yet 32 credits) here at UIC, also I have joined many seminars and workshops in related topic, as Chicago is one of the most significant cities regarding urbanization. After completing my Master’s degree in the United States, my desire is to be a part of the Department of the International Development at The University of Edinburgh. After finishing my education in the UK, I would love to return to my country for the purpose of teaching and practicing as a professor in a university.
On the other hand, I have already completed my first year at UIC, and I believe that I am ready to complete a rigorous PhD program about Urba...

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... real-life applications; setting high goals, being honest, never saying no, and cooperation with people who share their passion for doing their best; become one of the distinguished academicians as an expert at a Department of Public Administration in Turkey.
To sum up, I strongly believe that studying abroad is one of the biggest sacrifices for being successful in the future. In this regard, I am already giving up living with my family, spending too much money for pursuing my dreams by studying in the US, and hopefully I will keep following my dreams when I get accepted from your department in the UK. I am proud of what I have accomplished and excited to be here writing this statement. I have no doubt that studying in the UK will make it possible for me to fulfill my lifetime dreams, I will also live up to and exceed your expectations, as well.
Emrah Atar

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