Urban Lifestyle And The Economy Essay

Urban Lifestyle And The Economy Essay

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Urban lifestyle and the economy has its advantages and disadvantages, employment, recreation, healthcare including educational systems compared with rural areas. Each informant had similar ideas, values, beliefs that are shared by most of the human race living in Urban environment such as increase temperature in the summer. Urban citizen and the three informants talking about the economy, poverty, educational system, healthcare, Mental health, Person in the environment, Social institutions such as welfare system, and labor market.
Citizens living in Urban cities enjoy accessibility to Hospitals, clinic, shopping and recreational activities the cities provides, On the contrary, Mobile, AL offers little indoor activities during the hot summer months. Due to the increasing climate makes it impossible for the aging population including people that have certain skin disorder venture outside and remains indoors. Example people are born albino, vitiligo, Asthma or on an oxygen tank. All three informants mention that the temperature has increased, and they do not know their neighbors nor communicate. The result of no communication with neighbors, the communities in urban cities does not exist and dying out due to growing population.
The urban lifestyle and economy advantages and disadvantage living in Urbanized cities. The advantage of life in an Urban city is more jobs, convenient travel to facilities example hospital, clinics and entertainment. Urban cities have a vast growth in the economy, closer to higher education, inner city transportation, social assimilation, culturalism, and diversity among the urban population. Growing industrialization for watercrafts, steel, oil, and textile. Rural Farmers and agricultural business bring ...

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...o their needs. The Labor market provide input and output of open job opportunity to each client and match client with the appropriate job they qualify. The labor market offers not only jobs but also unemployment pay and training that is available when a citizen loses their Employment.
Faith, two of the informant, are Christian affiliated with Methodist and one informant as no affiliation with the religious group. Most adolescence don’t believe in faith and choose not to affiliate with any religion. The primary concerns each informant had were Healthcare, poverty, mental health, Education, and faith. Including each had strong values, beliefs, and ideas. The value of each informant was the same to take provide and maintain a safe environment for the Families. The Beliefs of each witness firmly believe that women and men should be equally paid and treated the same.

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