Essay on Urban Geography: Chile

Essay on Urban Geography: Chile

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Chilean Landscape
Chile is located along the southwestern coast of South America and has the Andes Mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The landscape in Chile offers diversity from deserts, forests, rivers, glaciers and valleys. Chile has three different climate zones and they experience a variety of seasons to support their primary sector of agriculture and produce variety of fruits including grapes to manufacture wine. ("Chile facts and," 2007)

Population Density: Urban or Rural?
Urbanization trends started occurring in Chile in 1930. Migration from the rural areas and the Andes Mountains transplanted Chileans to the urban center of Santiago. “Ocean transportation and shipping were vital to the north-south movement of people and goods up to the twentieth century.” (“Chile-urban areas,”) The Chilean people moved from the rural to urban areas and remain predominantly urbanized today.
Chile’s population increased from 11 million to 14 million from 2001 to 2005. (“Urban population,” 2010) The population is dispersed primarily in the urban areas. By 1991, eighty-six percent of the population lived in the urban areas. ("Chile- urban areas,") Urban areas provide the Chilean people with employment as well as needed goods and services for daily living. “In 2005 the urban population was 87%. The projected urban population in 2015 is 90%.” ("Chile an urban,")

Rapid Urbanization and Historical Influences
Rapid urbanization trends occurred as stated in the middle nineteenth century and Chilean cities grew. Industrialization also impacted the economy and the urban development during this century. (“Chile- urban areas,”) The increase in both migration and industrialization had a ...

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