Essay on Urban And Rural Urban Development

Essay on Urban And Rural Urban Development

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Urban and Rural Geographies study and focus on the processes that each entity—rural and urban space—have been taking and adopting after World War II. Geographers conclude that both rural and urban spaces are socially constructed; the role of the economy, social migration, and the degree role of the state or local government contribute and impact the development and creation of spaces. For example, when industrialization arrived to the United States, it transformed some cities—Chicago, New York, and Detroit—into very important urban centers, and also, it caused thousands of people to migrate from less developed areas to these booming cities for job opportunities, especially African-Americans from the South. Furthermore, geographers see the features and aspects surrounded in urban and rural places, and they are able to appreciate and study the distinct stages—modern, poor, or in a process of reconstruction, but obviously, geographers take in consideration social and racial aspects involved in each case. For example, in the city of Chicago, the Black Belt is considered the less developed place on Chicago because the city does not inject money to improve the neighborhood, there is a low education level, there are not job opportunities offered to people, and the people affected or involved are African-Americans. In addition, Urban and Rural Geographies study the way people really experience a rural or urban environment. For instance, when people decide to explore a city or a natural space, they use their senses in order to connect with the place, to become part of it, and to consume the place instead of having a vague visual image in mind of a place without even really knowing the place. In fact, gentrification, especially in the big c...

... middle of paper ... of the people in that area according the social expectations and norms from people living in that space. A second reason is that gentrification fits certain type of people according to their sexuality. Gentrification is not only triggered by people with a normal sexuality, but gay and lesbian neighborhoods made by gentrification make them to feel secure and safe; they do not feel and be seen as out of place. A third reason is that gentrification is attributed for social construction, which it places people with special boundaries. Because they live in a certain place, people decide to maintain a social boundary that makes them to distinguish from the rest of others, mainly through the location of their residence.
Gentrification a process that makes possible the rebirth of places in urban and rural spaces, but it makes people to live in a past in modern terms.

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