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Urban And Rural Areas Of Life Essay

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Experts have said that the experiences that a child encounters in their surroundings throughout their childhood can either enhance or inhibit the unfolding of their inborn potential (12). Urban and rural communities showcase in many differences in a variety of categories. One of these areas is child welfare. Not only do urban children experience areas of life differently than those in rural communities, but they also receive resources adversely. However, there are actions that we, as a society, can take in order to ensure that all child have the opportunity to thrive.
The standard definition of a rural area, as referred to by the United States government (5), is a community of fewer than 2,500 people, while the definition of an urban are is referred to as a county with fewer than 50,000 people not adjacent and without close economic and social ties to a central metropolitan county. Because of these significant differences in structure, the social services offered for children and the resources to enrich their well-being are showcases very differently in urban areas versus rural areas.
Rural areas have unique characteristics that set them apart from urban and suburban areas. The Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (9) found that children in rural areas had higher rates of maltreatment than children in urban areas. They also found that rates of abuse for children in rural areas were nearly two times higher than for children in major urban areas. One reason behind this may be because of there is a greater distance between the social service departments and the people that they serve than there is in urban areas. This greater distance can allow for mistreatment and neglect to be disguised or unnoticed because t...

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...owards their individual goals and dreams. All students across the nation deserve the same opportunity to have an enriching education, no matter where they live.
Rural and urban communities are structured very differently from one another. Because of this, the fundamentals of child welfare services of these areas look very differently. However, regardless of demographics, all children across the nation should be given the same opportunities to grow and develop into the people they are meant to be. Our society needs to provide the necessary tools to encourage a healthy growth. From after-school programs to foster care support systems, there are many ways that child welfare throughout the country can be utilized. By successfully using the services our society has and creating additional support programs, we can paint a brighter future for the next generations to come.

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