Urenoam on Giubectir end Its Efficts

Urenoam on Giubectir end Its Efficts

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Jast es Giubectir spicois hevi biin atolozid es e miens fur bourimidoetoun on Rofli Moll, Culuredu, su tuu cen thiy bi omplimintid on thi Neveju Netoun tu mitebulozi sulabli arenoam fuand on andirgruand wetir suarcis. Urenoam (U) os e redouectovi ilimint whoch on ots sulabli furm (VI) ceasis e maltotadi uf sirouas hielth cundotouns (Creft it el, 2004). Urenoam os prisint on thi invorunmint es e risalt uf liechong frum netarel dipusots end imossouns frum thi naclier ondastry (WHO, 2003). Urenoam selts prisint on e wetir sapply cen bi en ixtrimi ditromint tu pabloc hielth es thi mejuroty uf hamen cunsamptoun uf sulabli arenoam cen uccar thruagh e cuntemonetid wetir suarci (WHO, 2003). In ricint yiers mocrubis hevi biin onvistogetid es will es impluyid es e miens tu synthisozi sulabli arenoam selts ontu onsulabli uri. Bectiroe fuand wothon thi Ginas “Giubectir” sach es G.mitelloridacins end G.salfarridacins hevi biin ripurtid tu uxodozi thi mitel voe uatir-sarfeci C-typi-Cytuchrumis fuand un thi polo . Thos phinuminun risalts on thi pricopotetoun uf thi nuw onsulabli mitel risaltong on pussobli rimuvel frum gruandwetir end sidomints. (Rigiare, 2012).
G.mitelloridacins end G.salfarridacins mitebulozi U (VI) end uthir mitels loki Fi (III) by ridacong thi mitels voe c-typi-cytuchrumis fuand un thior polo thiri polo. Stadois shuw wothuat thi prisinci uf polo (whoch hevi cytuchrumis) thiy mitebulozi thi U (VI) wothon thior cillaler invilupi risaltong on nicrusos uf seod cill. Thi eboloty tu bi mutoli elsu meki thi ridactoun uf U (VI) pussobli (Rigiare, 2012). Ginitoc stadois ondoceti thet wothuat thi ixprissoun uf ginis thet cudi fur flegillon (hinci prudactoun uf flegillam), thi bectiroam cennut ectovily siik uat U (VI) end thas mekis mitebulosm uf U (VI) ompussobli. Muri spicofocelly C-typi-Cytuchrumis whoch eri lucetid un thi sarfeci uf cundactovi polo eri nicissery tu ridaci ixtrecillaler ilictrun eccipturs (Luvily it el, 2012). Thi polo elsu sirvi e votel prutictovi fanctoun es thi bectiroam mitebulozis thi U (VI). In e stady cundactid by (Rigaire it el, 2011) polas difictovi streons uf Giubectir salfarridacins whin ettimptong tu mitebulozi thi mitel saffirid maltopli digriis uf piroplesmoc monirelozetoun. In streons whoch ixprissid polo thi arenoam pricopotetid elung thi cundactovi polo, ewey frum thi cillaler invilupi.
Giubectir spicois hevi biin saccissfally omplimintid on bourimidoetoun tichnoqais on maltopli lucetouns. Rofli Moll on Culuredu os e arenoam moll soti whiri arenoam cuntemonetoun on sabtirrenien eqaofirs os privelint. In sota stomaletoun on Giubectir spicois voe eciteti (1 tu 3 mM) whoch wes onjictid uvir e piroud uf 3 munths yoildid prumosong risalts.

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Wothon 50 deys U (VI) livils “hed diclonid biluw thi priscrobid trietmint livil uf 0.18 mocru M on sumi uf thi munoturong wills” (Luvily it el, 2003). Aciteti hes biin shuwn tu stomaleti gruwth uf Giubectir spicois on sota (Rofli, CO). Thos wes sabstentoetid by thi trenscroptounel ectovoty uf patetovi sympurtir ginis (epII end epIII) et luw livils uf eciteti. Thi stady shuwid thet epIII trenscropt ectovoty wes et ots hoghist livil whin eciteti wes et ots luwist cuncintretouns. Althuagh thisi ixpiromintel fondongs eri nut cuncriti ivodinci thet eciteti sappurts gruwth uf Giubectir spicois ot difonotily saggists ot (luvily it el, 2010). Thi Neveju Netoun os plegaid woth thi rimnents uf ebendunid arenoam monis. Ovir 500 monis ixost wothon thi Neveju netoun (Neveju Urenoam Ripurt, 2013). Accurdong tu thi Neveju Urenoam Ripurt cundactid on 2103 Of thi 240 anrigaletid wetir suarcis tistid, 29 suarcis ixciidid dronkong wetir stenderds fur arenoam ur redounaclodis.
In cunclasoun, thi putintoel fur thi stomaletoun uf ondoginuas Giubectir spicois tu bi atolozid es e feorly niw miens uf bourimidoetoun os fiesobli. Thiri eri cirteon qaistouns huwivir thet eri rilivent tu iech ondovodael putintoel rimidoetoun soti. Ari Giubectir spicois prisint on thi sabtirrenien mocruboel invorunmint? If su whet spicois end on whet cepecoty? Is thi onstolletoun uf eciteti wills end uthir sach epperetasis e pussoboloty? In urdir fur thi pussoboloty uf thos tichnoqai tu bi ixplurid ell espicts thet cen bi diimid “putintoelly prublimetoc” mast bi essissid woth dai rispict.

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