Upgrade to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essay

Upgrade to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essay

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Micro Widgets, Incorporated is the world leader in widgets for every aspect of industry. To support the organization, the IT department supports fifty Microsoft Windows 2008 Servers that are used for web services, file and print services, domain name system services (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol services (DHCP), and domain controllers. At the request of department manager David L. Roth, this document serves to propose an upgrade to the environment that takes advantage of the benefits of upgrading the servers to Microsoft Windows Server 2012. This proposal will go on to include a discussion on the use of Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and a plan, including testing, for completion of the upgrade process.
Much like the upgrade from Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to Microsoft Windows Server 2008, the organization can benefit from upgrading the Micro Widgets, Incorporated environment from Microsoft Windows Server 2008 to Microsoft Windows Server 2012. The first benefit involves licensing. While there are four versions available: Datacenter, Standard, Essentials and Foundation, only two of the versions of Server 2012, Datacenter and Standard, really matter to an enterprise the size of Micro Widgets, Incorporated. Licensing for the two versions involves both a processor license as well as a Client Access License (CAL). Selecting the correct version to suit this organization’s needs comes down to one key difference. That difference “is the number of virtual machines you can run” (Murphy, 2012). If the ability to support large-scale enterprise level virtualization were a requirement of this upgrade, Datacenter would be the correct choice for implementation. As the organization has yet to vi...

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...domain controllers, this proposal discussed the use of Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and a plan, including testing, for completion of the upgrade process. Upon adoption and successful completion of the upgrade process, the servers supporting the daily functions of Micro Widgets, Incorporated will take advantage of latest server operating systems offered by Microsoft.

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