Essay on The Up Series Of British Children

Essay on The Up Series Of British Children

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I watched two episodes of the Up series of British children at two different ages, the first at seven years and the second at fourteen years. The episode at age seven took place in 1964 and the second seven years later at the end of 1970. In summary the first episode mainly looked at the lives of fourteen different children of various socioeconomic status, some attending preparatory schools, others boarding schools, still others in primary schools. Some of the children knew each other and others were interviewed alone. Some lived in the city while others more rural areas. The episode investigated different areas of the children’s lives, from what they wanted to do when they got older to differences in the kinds of exercise they got in school. The narrator said that the “distinction between freedom and discipline is key to their whole future,” and that idea was then explored in the next episode seven years later when the same children turned fourteen. They were asked many of the same questions or asked to explore the same topics, and it was clear that while some things had changed, there were certain things that hadn’t.
It was noticeable that many of the children had the same general attitudes toward certain topics they discussed when they were seven as when they were fourteen, but how they elaborated on their thoughts had changed. The boy who was asked at seven if he had any girlfriends did not want to answer that question, saying, “I don’t answer those kinds of questions.” Again at fourteen, he remembered the question and considered the motive of the interviewer for asking again. He was very shy about it and did not actually answer the question, but his response was much more complex. At seven, the participants’ answers were pre...

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...ries brought developmental psychology to the media for the world to follow the lives of fourteen different British children and see how they grew and changed throughout their lives. It could possibly be considered a longitudinal study looking at how socioeconomic status predicts future success in life. The films’ intended purpose was to see exactly that, but there were a lot of other things one could look at to compare the different episodes, such as how the children’s answers to the questions they were asked evolved over time. Our intelligence is influenced by background knowledge and maturity, and our memories are influenced through background knowledge and experiences. As the participants grow older, they each have their own unique experiences and collection of background information that accumulates which can sometimes be reflected in the answers that they give.

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