Essay about Unusual Weather Conditions in Round Rock, Texas

Essay about Unusual Weather Conditions in Round Rock, Texas

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The weather report calls for below normal temperatures reaching into the low teens with a freezing rain snow mixture. The stores are packed and everyone is scrambling to buy supplies. Every gas station is out of bread, milk and fire wood. A bag of side walk salt cannot be found anywhere. This may be something that you deal with every winter. This type of weather may not be a big deal, or anything to cause panic where you live. But, where I live, this type of weather is a huge deal. We very rarely have to cope with bad weather. We like it that way!
In Round Rock, Texas, the average high temperature during the winter is sixty-one degrees while the average low is thirty-seven degrees (Monthly Weather, 2014). It is not uncommon even in the cold season for the temperatures to reach almost eighty degrees. I enjoy this weather pattern because we get to experience winter in short bursts.
This year, has been very different from the normal. The high temperatures are in the low teens accompanied with sleet and ice. To say that we are unaccustomed to this weather is an understatement. We do not know how to prepare for it. We panic and head to the store to buy anything we can, even if it is something silly like eighty cans of Spam. Our road crews seem unprepared and don’t know exactly how to handle the situation. The crews that are in charge of maintaining a safe road way can make things worse, if they do not diligently do their jobs.
This was very evident last week. The weather report was calling for overnight temperatures to be in the low twenties accompanied by rain. The low temperatures and rain were going to become a big headache for the Texas Department of Public Safety, otherwise known as DPS. Many of our highways are elevat...

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...have seen in Austin and Seattle. When inexperienced workers use a deicer inappropriately, the deicer becomes just as dangerous as the ice it is supposed to stop.

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