Essay on The Unusual Physical and Emotion Bond of Conjoined Twins

Essay on The Unusual Physical and Emotion Bond of Conjoined Twins

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Conjoined twins, from the moment they enter the world, face a myriad of social, physical, psychological, and health problems. If one or both of the conjoined twins’ major body parts cannot properly function, they usually die within a few days. The births of conjoined twins are when the skin and internal organs are fused together, which only happens in every 40,000 births. The ratio for the sex of conjoined twins is 3:1, the 3 being the girls. Conjoined twins are increasingly accepted into our everyday lives as we grow to understand their unusual physical and emotional bond and learn more about the science behind their development.
Conjoined twins have one major cause, which makes them conjoined. When an egg is produced and is fertilized by sperm, 3 things can happen, the egg can grow and form only one fetus, the egg can split and form identical twins (triplets) or the egg can partially split and grow into conjoined twins. Usually identical twins are formed during the first 12 days after the conception date, but when the process happens the 13th or 14th day, the egg doesn’t fully se...

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