Essay on Unusual Climate Change

Essay on Unusual Climate Change

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In 2013, the world went through a huge unusual climate change. With for example, the typhoon
in the Philippines, the extreme cold in eastern United States, the floods in Europe in June or the hot temperatures in Australia. Over the past couple of years, the climate change and many natural disasters occurred such as hurricanes and tsunamis that destroyed many countries. The icebergs are melting affecting its population and the rise of waters. How did all this happen? How come we are responsible for what we are forced to suffer through?
For some, Global Warming is just a word that you hear in the news. However, we don't really know how global warming exactly came to be. In order to make a difference, we need to have the knowledge. Indeed, with knowledge perhaps we will be able to stop what is causing the world to react. If not, what could be the consequences? Will the weather just become worse and worse and could what happened to the dinosaurs happen again?
In order to understand why Global Warming, “man-made climate change”, affected the worldwide events that occurred in 2013 we need to understand how did pollution and civilization affected the weather change. Indeed, we will have to think about the cause of pollution which means automobiles, nuclear plants. We will also have to study how civilization affected the environment and as a result the weather, this can traced back to the first colonies in New England. And finally, we will need to talk about the weather events and catastrophes that occurred, specially those that happened in 2013. Researching about automobiles will allow us to understand how the automobiles created pollution and as a result affected the climate and global warming. Catastrophes will be useful in order to ha...

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..., we should cut the amount of car usage and instead of using petrol, using electricity. Instead of using nuclear plants for electricity, maybe we should use more wind turbines or find a solution that is more powerful that they are.

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