Essay about Unseen Scars

Essay about Unseen Scars

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All around the world there are soldiers of every country who are fighting and participating in battles of every kind with assignments to destroy, defeat, and conquer all that is distructive and evil. These heroes put their very life on the line so that a remarkable goal of the near or distant future might possibly be met. These soldiers are protective and defensive, brave and strong. They have the power and weaponry to destroy almost everything, but yet show care to the less fortunate, and support one another with encouragement and praise. A soldier has the heart of a servant who thinks not of himself, but everyone else around him, and even the ones that he has never even met. A great American soldier and war hero, Albert Pike, once said, “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal” ( Our soldiers are truly giving pieces, and in a lot of instances, their entire lives for us. But can we say the same about ourselves to our soldiers? There are so many needs that our soldiers have, and a lot of them aren’t noticed until after their time has been served.
Considering the degree of seriousness towards this issue, many other matters can be set aside. The sacrifices made during war are all worth giving gratitude, but it doesn’t end there. When soldiers return from the battlefield, what then? Is there a big celebration that includes sighs of relief from loved ones knowing that their soldier is finally safe? Do they, at that moment, quickly expect them to be who they were before they were deployed? That assumption is what is causing frustration, confusing, anger, and disbelief to so many other fellow soldiers all around the globe. When a soldier is i...

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...ngry, but on top of that, hearing the screams and cries of past memories taunting you in your sleep. There is nobody there to comfort them or tell them everything will be ok. If we, as citizens, saw the clarity of this- as if it were in a crystal ball, would compassion and motivation for change come flowing out of us? If this were our brother, whom we love and adore, would we just sit back and watch?

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