Unpaid Internships : Free Labor Or Valuable Learning Experience? Essay

Unpaid Internships : Free Labor Or Valuable Learning Experience? Essay

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After working with multiple campaigns this summer, my personal and professional growth in the field of political science has increased significantly. The opportunities that have come to fruition through my time and commitment to these individuals running for political office have changed my outlook on the political process. It takes a lot of groundwork to efficiently connect with voters, even in a state that is perceived to vote in one direction. After researching multiple perspectives and salient points, it is clear that there is no substitute for the internship experience when it comes to first hand knowledge of any type of work.
While reading "Unpaid Internships: Free Labor Or Valuable Learning Experience?." by Robert Tepper and Matthew Holt, it is clear that we share similar views on unpaid internships. The two authors ask the question whether or not it is ethical to have unpaid internships. They conclude that when an opportunity is available to provide a great educational experience, it is ethical (Holt and Tepper). Tepper and Holt’s statement resonates with me for a few reasons. Being able to gain knowledge of the work world, before placed in it, puts an individual at an advantage.
One other main motivations for my work this summer was obtaining college course credit for the work. Another aspect to having an internship is networking. Holt and Tepper state that “Students expect to gain valuable contacts through networking” (Holt and Tepper). They also explain that internships could lead into possible employment with whom the person interns, a major expectation of mine while working this summer (Holt and Tepper). My expectations were met while working with Senator Deb Peters resulted in her exchanging my contact information w...

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...same can be said for Senator Deb Soholt. The last employer, Jordan Youngberg, did not show these similar aspects of proper grammar and being well dressed. He would use phrases like “that went real good” or “that don’t matter”. Also he was not well dressed. He would wear a Jordan Youngberg Polo, which looked nice, but his caller on his shirt was always out of place. One could argue that Jordan never had a speech teacher that taught him how to properly speak, but when it comes to dressing one could also argue he never had a real world opportunity to learn how to dress right.
In this study Brooks also points out that students with a job-emphasized future, succeeded in their internship (Brooks 168). One student for example claimed that their employer was willing to help with their future endeavors (168). This is very relatable considering what Deb Soholt has done for me.

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