Unnoticed Epidemic: Is This Really Leaving? Essay

Unnoticed Epidemic: Is This Really Leaving? Essay

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Imagine a world where the media, the police, and even your own children cannot be trusted. In this world, there is no “truth” because it has been altered and rewritten constantly to conform to the current political status of society and its members. Fathom a life where everything is controlled by the government, not to protect its citizens, but to imprison and terrify them into a meaningless existence. In this world, no original thoughts exist; nobody ever has an opinion contrary to the acceptable beliefs held by the governing body. In the rare instance that a heretic does exist, it is not long before he or she disappears and is forgotten about entirely. This reality-control is constant and omnipresent. This society is built upon and maintained by fear and ignorance so that the government may remain in control indefinitely. For the average person, this world portrayed by George Orwell in his novel, 1984, would be terrifying and difficult to conceive, but for most, it is very near to reality. 1984 is relevant because governmental censorship of information exists in today’s society and is just a prevalent as it was in Orwell’s alternate reality. In fact, censorship has become so great a part of our lives that it often goes unnoticed by the masses.
With such a large population, it is difficult to imagine oppression existing without protest. Unfortunately, the average person is generally content to merely exist. His or her idea of a successful day involves rising, eating, working at a job for which he or she feels no passion, going home, eating, and going to bed. This monotonous lifestyle is rarely disrupted, much less frequently is it upset by political or ideological differences. Yes, most people have a political party...

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