Unlock The Potential Of Your Archive Data With Migration Analytics

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Unlock the Potential of Your Archive Data with Migration Analytics Exclusive Operational Analytics Available with GE Centricity Certified Archive Data Migrations It’s time to unlock the potential of your archive data, improve your organization’s performance, and reap the benefits of the Merit Based Incentive Pay System. (MIPS). MIPS is Medicare’s new, Part B reimbursement system that can greatly decrease or greatly increase the amounts you are reimbursed for Part B services. Healthcare organizations will be paid based on quality patient care, cost containment, and business practices. Migration Analytics provides insights to help you optimize your operations and maximize reimbursements under the new MIPS payment system. Until now, data from your imaging modalities has been largely unavailable as a tool to monitor and improve healthcare delivery or to contain healthcare costs. Our new Migration Analytics offer unlocks this information so healthcare organizations can benefit from data that reveals key performance indicators (KPI) for your organization. These KPIs include the rate of utilization of each of your modalities, the changing demographic profile of your patients, and changes in your physician referrals (your real clients). All these and many more indicators of your performance are locked in your Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) or other proprietary vendor databases. This data has accumulated for years and holds the key to easily understandable, affordable and actionable insights. These insights will enable you to improve your efficiency in healthcare delivery, contain operating costs, and maximize revenues. Unlocking Actionable Data at a Fraction of the Cost & None of the Risks Interlock’s Migration Analy... ... middle of paper ... ...emographic and referral data has been locked, inaccessible, in your imaging equipment’s proprietary data format. Now that we can extract your information, it is time to take control and unlock the potential of your data. With each hospital having hundreds of pieces of imaging equipment, your operational analytics data can deliver a wealth of insights to help you improve KPIs, optimize patient care, and increase equipment utilization. For a limited time, we are offering GE Centricity customers three months of COMPLIMENTARY analytics access. Interlock is the only archive data migration provider who offers operational analytics, and as a GE Certified migration partner, you know your data and analytics are in safe hands. Call us today at (888) 369-1024 or email info@interlock-tech.com, to find out more about our archive data migrations and COMPLIMENTARY analytics offer.

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