Essay on The Unknown Americans And Enrique 's Journey

Essay on The Unknown Americans And Enrique 's Journey

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Imagine one day your mother tells you that she is leaving and is not sure with she will see you again. Imagine growing up only occasionally speaking to your mother on the phone. Immigrants make the decision to leave behind their life and move to a new place mainly because they believe it will be better for them and for the people they care about. The Book of the Unknown Americans and Enrique’s Journey show the advantages and disadvantages of parents leaving their children behind or bringing their children along when they migrate. This decision causes harsh consequences that affect the family immediately and in the future.

In Enrique’s Journey Nazario showed a couple different perspectives on the same family in which the mother migrated from Honduras to the United States. The reason Lourdes, the mother, immigrated was because she was unable to provide for her children in Honduras. Enrique and Belky would go to bed hungry and were not able to go to school because Lourdes could not afford food or to send them to school. It was very difficult but Lourdes decided to leave Honduras and find work in America which she knew would provide her with enough money to send home to her children so they could have what otherwise she would not be able to give them. When the Rivera’s and the Toro’s came to America they brought their children along with them unlike Lourdes who left her children behind.

When the Toro’s left Panama their two children were both very young, Enrique was four and Mayor was one. Maybe that had an impact on why they brought their children, maybe it was that they had no close family to leave Enrique and Mayor with or maybe they just did not want to be separated from their children. Either way bringing them had a lot ...

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...gration can be scary for a family, and change always come with positives and negatives. Christina Henriquez and Sonya Nozario did a very thorough job showing different perspectives of immigration and how it can affect a family. There definitely are advantages to immigrating as a parent and leaving your children behind such as the keeping them from the dangers of traveling, allowing them to stay in their home with their extended family and being able to provide for them. However the advantages of immigrating as a whole family are much more significant. Some of those advantages include better education for the children, more opportunities for the parents to make money, better health care, keeping the family unit together and the list goes on. The grass may not always be greener on the other side of the fence, but the grass will be greener where you take care of it.

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