The University Of Southern Mississippi 's Center Of Child Development Essay

The University Of Southern Mississippi 's Center Of Child Development Essay

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My Agency and My Role:
Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to work with The University of Southern Mississippi’s Center of Child Development (CCD). The primary purpose of the CCD is to provide high quality educational and care services to children, 8 weeks to 5 years old. The center serves as an academic teaching and research facility for students and faculty across the university. This program is designed to enhance the development of the whole child. The program is also designed to encourage families to participate in a learning environment for their children that fosters optimal child development and provides a laboratory setting in which the university community can pursue academic interests.
While working at the CCD, I worked with the CCAMPIS program. This program is for USM students who are in need of daycare services for their children while attending school. There are many tasks and events that I participated with for the success of this program. For example, with the help from the graduate assistants, we set up the afternoon stay and plays, parent’s night out, and much more. Other activities such as filing, working in classrooms, working at the front desk, collecting the lunch count, greet center guest, and working on the work schedules for the staff, were just a few things that the graduate assistants and I were in charge of while working at the center.
Insights and Issues
When one looks at human behavior regarding self, colleagues, and clients, they can use Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory to help better understand. This theory is a framework for a better understanding on crisis and events in individual’s lives. At the CCD, the clients are the children and the staff members are the colleagues....

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...with the children at center, I have been able to physically visualize their development, and how their family live help influence that development.
Over the course of this semester, I have had the opportunity to work with the Center of Child Development. During this time I have grown and found a greater love for working with children. Understanding their development, has allowed me look at things in a different way, much different from my previous time of working with children and their families. In the beginning of this journey I did not truly understand how a child’s development can be influenced by the different aspects of their lives, however since choosing Child and Family Studies as my major, this understanding has come very clear to me. Since working with center, I allowed to gain a hands-on understanding what has been taught to me over the years.

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