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The University of North Florida (“UNF”) is failing; less than half of its graduates enjoy overall good lives. According to the Gallup-Purdue Index Report, only 39% of the over 30,000 college graduates surveyed had experienced elements of well-being as well as engagement in their work (Great Lives 7). The study also found there was no difference if they attended a public, private, non-selective, or a highly selective institution (7). Therefore, UNF graduates are doing the same in job engagement and well-being as graduates from all other colleges, only 39% of them experienced well-being as well as engagement in their work. UNF must do better; UNF must revise its education policy with the goal of having all of its graduates enjoy good jobs and good lives.
Amazingly, based upon my research this is not a Herculean task; the Gallup-Purdue Index Report found that if a graduate had a professor who captivated and mentored the graduate, then that graduate had more than a 200% likelihood of having job engagement (7). Additionally, graduates were also shown to have more than a 200% likelihood of being engaged in their job if they had "experiential and deep learning," which was having an internship, a job related to their major, a long-term project, or extracurricular activities while attending college (10-11).
The map for how UNF should change its educational policy was drawn almost 200 years ago by a French pedagogue, Joseph Jacotot; he articulated a way for UNF students to be captivated and engaged in their learning. Jacotot had gotten a job teaching French to Flemish students even though he did not speak any Flemish. Although the typical method of teaching at that time was explication, which was a professor’s commentaries and re...

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...g, and all aspects of education at UNF must become a stereotype-free university; students must perceive that they can do anything by themselves.
UNF is a great institution; however, its education policy earned an F for its graduates’ job engagement and well-being experiences. The way to solve this failure is for UNF to change its education policy; it must change from explication by lectures and professorial teaching to emancipation by student self-taught learning. In addition, UNF’s education policy must get students involved in internships and long-term projects that apply their learning. Interaction with professors as mentors needs to be the norm, not the exception. The new policy must also ensure that there are no negative stereotypes telling students that they cannot learn or accomplish anything by themselves. Taking these steps will make UNF even greater.

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