Essay on The University Of North Carolina

Essay on The University Of North Carolina

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The University of North Carolina (the “University”) has taken certain actions to address the academic scandal that came into light in 2011. The University’s African and Afro-American Studies (AFAM) Department was discovered giving “paper classes,” which allowed athletes to stay eligible in the NCAA (the “crisis”). The crisis has tarnished the University’s reputation not only internally, but also externally. Crisis management is a crucial aspect to regain public trust and its reputation. The University has successfully taken several steps to achieve these goals and minimize the damage.
The University had been offering paper classes for 18 years and has tainted the University’s reputation for nearly five years. Advisors directed athletes to take those classes to help boost their GPA. These classes were known to require little to no work because they were fake classes (Ganim and Sayers). Those responsible for the academic fraud in the AFAM department were “former chair Julius Nyang’oro and his administrative assistant, Deborah Crowder” ("Martin Says Fraud"). The University failed to provide its students with the education that was promised therefore, failing in their mission statement to “enhance access to learning and to foster the success and prosperity of each rising generation” (UNC).
There are both internal and external impacts of the crisis on the University. These involve the impacts on the University’s stakeholders such as employees, community, students, etc. The alumni association has been keeping up to date with the scandal, which has been embarrassing. Some alumni felt betrayed by the fact that their University was involved in such a scandal. Furthermore, it has affected employees because a few have been fired, others h...

... middle of paper ...

...apology also involved asking stakeholders for forgiveness. The University utilized provocation by making it known that the crisis was a result of two employees rather than the whole university itself. Lastly, the University has been reminding stakeholders of its previous reputation and putting into effect policies and procedures to regain that reputation (Coombs).
Overall, the University has taken ownership of the crisis and taken steps to correct its academic irregularities. The University has been transparent and honest with all of its stakeholders and has therefore, been able to reacquire some of its reputation. In addition, the University has made it clear that only one of the departments was affected, AFAM, and the rest of the university is still in good academic standing. The University has effectively managed the crisis and will continue updating the public.

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