The University Of Michigan 's Graduate Ph.d Essays

The University Of Michigan 's Graduate Ph.d Essays

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The University of Michigan 's graduate Ph.D. program is an exceptional and powerful program that will provide me the opportunity to broaden my skills by virtue of additional experience. In effect, it will further prepare myself for a sharper future in biochemistry research. As an undergraduate student at the University of Toledo, I am pursuing a major in medicinal biochemistry and have been fortunate enough to have worked in three biochemically-focused laboratories. Research areas including drug development and design for the prevention of certain disease states, enzymology and protein structure determination, and assay development for high throughput screening are of specific interest for myself. The captivating nature of the intricate biochemical reactions within the body and the mechanisms by which certain endogenous compounds or xenobiotics can alter a pathway to produce a particular effect feed my enthusiasm. Additionally, the intriguing complexities of the structure-based design and the specific interactions that must occur for effective and potent drug design are of interest. Moreover, I believe there is a potential for direct societal benefit with the research, which is further compelling for me as a scientist. My desire to continue my education via pursuit of a Ph.D. is so that I can become the independent scientist that I ought to be and accordingly, so that I can be a leader in the research and development process.

During my freshman year at the University of Toledo, I joined Dr. Jared Anderson 's bioanalytical chemistry lab, with the research topics regarding the use of magnetic ionic liquids (MILs) as solvents for rapid DNA extraction and preconcentration from aqueous samples for further downstream experiments. Most...

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...cterium. I obtained and refined a 2.1 Å crystal structure of citrate synthase, encoded by CitA, containing the desired electron density for incubated pyruvate, and ran differential scanning calorimetry and isothermal titration calorimetry experiments to quantitatively-examine the key binding interactions. Furthermore, I am working to test the hypothesis that the reactive thiol functional group at the −3 position of a protein is undergoing fatty acid modification in mycobacteria, a common occurrence among eukaryotes for protein translocation to the plasma membrane. In this realm, a protein was engineered to contain a green fluorescence protein tag followed by a poly-histidine tag, a PreScission Protease cut site, and a cysteine-valine-asparagine C-terminal domain. Upon expression and purification of the protein, ESI-MS will be used as a tool to determine modification.

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