Essay about The University Of Illinois ( Ui ) Hospitals

Essay about The University Of Illinois ( Ui ) Hospitals

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The University of Illinois (UI) Hospitals has a history over 100 years. In 1882, students started attending the College of Physician and Surgeon of Chicago. In 1917, the University of Illinois and the Illinois Department of Public Welfare came to an agreement to build a Research and Educational Hospital after acquiring the “vacated Chicago Cubs park located at Polk and Wolcott” (Wikipedia). Patients at the mental institute were able to enjoy and cheer during the game. In 1941, beginning of the Neuropsychiatric Institution and which is a world leader in Neuroscience and 2011 cure for Sickle Cell was discovered. The hospital has 485 beds and in 2010 performed about “14,000 inpatient and outpatient surgeries were performed, over 57,000 patients visited the emergency department, and 20,000 patients were admitted to the hospital” and serves more than 2,600 students and trainees. Above 60 % of the patients are covered by Medicaid and Medicare insurance, 30 to 36% by private insurance and small amount by private pay and charity care (Healthcare report). This paper examines the hospital mission, culture, quality management, quality improvement plan, current outcomes, my point of view of their quality management program and my recommendation for improvement.
The UI hospital mission statement is to “provide high quality, cost effective healthcare and deliver personalized health in pursuit of the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities” (handbook p.6). Their vision is to faithful to their mission statement, to provide high quality health care and to be a leader in in the art and science of medicine. The objective and policy makes it clear and encourage employees to work in team collaboration, be accountable, to communicate onl...

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...sion within thirty days.
The AHRQ results in the Hospital Compare shows that serious complications are worst and deaths among patients with serious treatable complication after surgery and readmission rate within 30 days are comparable than the National Rate. The hospital has a better or comparable outcomes with different types of infection compare to national benchmark. The use of medical imaging was lower in percentage (lower is better), except when it comes to cardiac imaging stress tests.
Some of the preventive and improvement measures in the employee’s booklets were evaluated by the Leapfrog group as steps to avoid harm. Those who show effective leadership to prevent errors had a score of 110.77/120, a score of 18.46/ 20 for staff who work together to prevent errors, training to improve safety and track and reduce risks to patient were low with a

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