The University Of Illinois At Chicago Essay

The University Of Illinois At Chicago Essay

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I have picked three transfer schools the first one is University of Illinois at Chicago they require an associates degree , even based on the grades and GPA they might accept you. I picked this university because It has a great education, your closer with the professors, it is not far from home, they have great places to go study and find information. The admissions wants a good GPA, transcripts or degree and have completed all classes. The requirements for transferring is 62 credit hours plus any other credit I need to take to move on. There are many ways I can pay and the way I am going to pay for my classes is by getting scholarships and out of pocket. The requirement to transfer to the University of Illinois at Chicago is to go to “the Common Application online or UIC web application. Printed applications will not be accepted.The $50 nonrefundable application fee or fee waiver, Official college/university transcripts, submitted electronically or via mail, every college/university you’ve attended”.

My second University is Depaul University they require an associates degree. Depaul university has a great number of student this will help me get to know more people and expand my contexts This is not a big school and everyone on campus is very friendly. The admission wants good grades other required classes and a high GPA , also depending on the career you 're going into or a degree They also require letters or recommendation some essays . They require 62 credit hours , some amount of teaching hours, and certain classes. The way I am going to pay by getting scholarships and out of pocket I am going to apply to many scholarships and try to get as many as possible because getting a scholarship would mean a lot to me , this would sh...

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...he way they had to work and raise two children one year apart. They gave me everything I needed and not once I did not miss anything in my life, my parents would always get me want I would ask for. My both parents are my support and my motivation they are the ones that are pushing me to achieve my goal and I want to show them that I can also motivate myself to do anything that I set for myself. By completing this career, I will study at Daley college for two years , then transfer to a four year University after receiving my associates degree. Transferring to a four year university will help me complete my fours from studying and learning to able to move on and become a teacher. For my immediate goal I will keep a diet and be healthy, my short term is to manage the level of stress I take, and the long term in to be focused on the right career plan I plan to proceed.

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