Essay about The University Of California Police Department

Essay about The University Of California Police Department

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Following the years after World War II, the first University of California Police Department (UCPD) was founded at the University of California, Berkeley. It was in September 1947 that the UCPD was founded by the regents of the UC-system as a way for each UC-school to have its own police-department. The UCPD is today a public facility that lies across all UC-campuses and serves the purpose of keeping the university-community safe. The vision statement of the UCPD (specific to UCR) is as follows: “The mission of the University of California Police Department, Riverside is to enhance the quality of life by providing a secure and safe environment through professional service to the University community”. Through having conducted an extensive interview with a police officer at the UCPD, I got to learn about police officers’ daily duties and tasks, the basic functions of the UCPD and the difficulties that police officers face. Throughout the interview, it truly does reveal itself that we should be thankful to the police-officers of the UCPD for all they do to keep crime out of the way and to ensure we have a safe community.
After entering the UCPD at UCR and talking with the woman at the front desk, I made an appointment with a police officer. After a few days, I went back to the office to meet a police officer with named Brandon Anderson. He was big, tall and had a bald head. After introducing myself and entering a big conference room, I took out my notebook and we began the interview. The first thing I asked him was to simply give me a brief introduction of himself. I learned that Officer Anderson grew up in Los Angeles, and had been a police-man for nearly 13 years. In previous years, he had worked as fire-fighter, a dispatcher and ...

... middle of paper ... anyone who wishes to be a police-officer to go for it”.
For all police-officers do to protect the university-community, the risks they take and the way they hinder crime around campus, we truly ought to be gracious toward them. From the time the UCPD was founded the years following WWII, the institution has been fighting to keep the UC-community safe. Specifically concerning UC Riverside, police officers such as Brandon Anderson work each day to help keep our community secure. It is incontrovertible that there are still lots of crime around, and that more ought to be done to keep our community safe, such as the previously mentioned initiatives amongst other things. Nonetheless, we should thank the UCPD and its police-officers for everything they do to minimize crime, to keep our community safe and we should acknowledge all the good work they do for the community.

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