The University College London For Master Degree Essay

The University College London For Master Degree Essay

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Statistics is a wonderful subject, patterns in the data can be modelled in a way as to account for randomness in the observations; they are then used for drawing inferences about the population being studied. It is amazing that we use data to enable an analysis of different views, which is likely to lead to an informed decision. The aspects of Statistical Science have always fascinated me and made me want to undertake a large project in this field one day. For this reason, I would like to pursue further studies at the University College London for master degree.

I am passionate about learning Statistics and have a solid understanding of statistical theories and methods; I enjoy learning new and applicable concepts and prefer to solve difficult questions on my own. Two years of hard work have attributed to my good academic achievement, and I expect to gain a high upper second for the third year. My interest in statistics was especially flourished during the study at the University College London, particularly during the module “Probability and Inference ”. I find conducting analyses and evaluations of distributions and models fascinating, also the logic and ingenuity of Statistics in solving problems strongly appeals to me, the theories and concepts delivered by this module has greatly prompted my understand of statistical analysis methods and distributional identities, the fundamental statistical theory can then be applied in computational statistics study.

Work experience also confirmed my wish to continue studying statistics in the postgraduate degree. Through the Social Statistics module, I had a good understanding of the principles and methods of designing and evaluating questionnaires. Additionally, I participated in a fun...

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...s and researchers from all over the world and the emphasis on theoretical and practical learning has been very useful. I have greatly benefitted from a high density of academic research during my study at UCL. Additionally, modules I am especially interested in are Statistical Models and Data Analysis, Medical Statistics II and applied Bayesian methods, and I am keen to acquire theoretical principles of Statistical Inference and computational skills.

My current short-term goal is to develop my knowledge further and build a rock-solid understanding of Statistics at the University College London; the long-time goal is to use what I have learned to work as a data analyst in an international investment bank. I am acutely aware of the long and steep path laid out in front of me, but I am well prepared to face all the challenges ahead to realise my longest lasting dream.

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