Universities Are Shifting Learning Away From The Traditional Behaviourist Perspective

Universities Are Shifting Learning Away From The Traditional Behaviourist Perspective

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Universities are shifting learning away from the traditional behaviourist perspective where students are passive rote-learners (partly due to teacher-centred teaching) to a modern constructivist paradigm where students are actively involved in their learning (Neo, 2005). Explicitly, students learn through learning activities designed by their lecturers and they construct knowledge via experiences gained in the activities. This is in line with Kolb, Rubin, and McIntyre (1984) who argued that “learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience”. Thus, students are encouraged to build on their prior knowledge and experiences in order to attain deeper understanding of the events and to capitalise on peers’ shared experiences. In this perspective, according to Mayer (1998) the role of a student has transformed from a recipient of knowledge to a constructor of knowledge; henceforth he/she needs to acquire metacognitive skills for controlling the cognitive processes during learning.

In the initial stages of the conversion from teacher centred approach to student centred approach, there are numerous issues that arise. Among them number of support resources, skills training for lecturers and students on how to navigate information technology and facilitators must be taught to use technology from the user-end, in order to facilitate delivery (Beadle & Scanty, 2008; Harris, Connolly, & Feeny, 2009). Usually, universities handle this predicament by providing trainings to the lecturers. According to Sloman (2001) training is a process of acquiring the knowledge and skills related to work requirements using formal structured or guided means, but excluding general supervision, job specific innovations,...

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...t they joined the university, there is no need to wait for a training launching date like in a traditional training. One of the advantages of LeP is lecturers can instigate knowledge gained right away in the teaching, and bring back to the forum and face-to-face sessions to discuss any problems and difficulties they encountered in their teaching. According to Jimenez (2005) online training is a steadfast growing set of instructional techniques that enable faster and cheaper training development in order to meet immediate business needs. In fact, e-learning has emerged as a significant addition to traditional models of workplace training; in a survey of 800 Australian employers, 50 per cent indicated that their organisation had been already using e-learning, and 60 per cent expected this use to grow in the next two years (Australian Flexible Learning Framework, 2010).

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