The Universe in a Single Atom Essay

The Universe in a Single Atom Essay

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The Dalai Lama the acclaimed spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism was forced into exile in 1959. He now resides in Dharamsala, India but considers himself to be a citizen of the world. The first of his pragmatic words to make an impression upon me was this statement. “If scientific analysis was to conclusively demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims”. The mere articulation of these words by an eminent religious world leader is enough to cause me to pause and listen with rapture to what this ecumenical gentleman has to disseminate. The primary assertion of Buddhism is proclaiming the validity of truth. Pronounced authority of experience with reason is their second ambition and cultivation of scripture their final priority. In 1987 he established the Mind and Life conferences, which are held at his residence every two years. Each is an international endeavor to unite the consummate scientific minds of the world for an open consortium with reciprocity of ideas and theories.
I concur with the Dalai Lama’s premise that science is a form of inquiry and the body of knowledge which gives rise to understanding. A healthy skepticism is required for progressive insight as it is the discernment required in experiencing new discoveries. Acuity combined with the natural human quest for understanding leads us to the expansion of our consciousness and current methodologies. We must always be cognizant of the person wielding the scientific instrument for he may not possess authentic and genuine intentions. It is the cosmological good versus evil paradigm we confront on a daily basis.
The Buddhist’s perspective, and coincidentally the Popperian falsifiability thesis, b...

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...uine human being was that of awe at the encouragement, wisdom and acumen he exudes. Pragmatism and conformity will lead us to the precipice, the fortitude to delve into undiscovered and obscure territories is compulsory for future discoveries and enigmas.
His message of hope, compassion and understanding is illuminated in every word penned in The Universe in a Single Atom. I was raised in a religious doctrine who’s intent was to consummate acceptance and who attempted (and failed) to teach impertinent children like myself to obey and not question convention. My excursions, cognitive acuteness, and humility have led me to traverse the path of enlightenment. I endeavor to be cognizant and apply reason in the face of adversity. To be vigilant and recognize the limits of knowledge, both collective and personal and be conscious of humanity and this planet we inhabit.

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