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Universal Of Each Christian Denomination Essay

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Throughout history there has been one common denominator in Christian congregations worldwide. The single most important aspect that is universal of each Christian denomination is the belief that God and Jesus are one. As defined by the Trinity, The father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit make up God. The truth of the unification of Jesus and the Father is manifested in multiple ways. God has the sole power to create in the universe and in the Bible it says that through Jesus all things were created. The union of God and Jesus is also shown in the Forgiveness of Sins. According to the Old Testament forgiveness of sins is a power reserved exclusively for God the Father and in the New Testament it very clearly displays Jesus as one who was sent to forgive us of our sins. The Nicene Creed is right in saying that Jesus and God are one because creation and forgiveness of sins are actions reserved for God that Jesus also carry outs. Since Jesus possesses the ability to do things that God has left for himself, it is apparent that Jesus and God are one.
Throughout history many different secs of Christianity have fought over whose theology was sounder then the other. In many places often resorting to violence to try and establish their views as the most dominant. However, there is one theological belief that unites all the different Christians. The Nicene Creed is the agreed upon basis for Christianity and all other aspects of the belief. The Nicene Creed is what unites many different denominations of Christianity.
The Nicene Creed contains multiple parts that define what Christianity believes as it pertains to God and Jesus. The first major part of the creed is the recognition that God the Almighty created the heavens and the earth, anything...

... middle of paper ...

...that Jesus also carry outs. Since Jesus possesses the ability to do things that God has left for himself shows that Jesus is God. God and Jesus are one because in the beginning the Father created all things and with him at the time was Jesus. Theologian C.S. Lewis confirmed Jesus wasn’t just a man because men cannot create, they can only reassign. Jesus and God are one also in the process in which they both forgive sins. In the Old Testament God reserves the forgiveness of sins to himself and yet it is clear God and Jesus are one according to John 3:16. This is confirmed by New Testament scholar Karl Barth in his belief that Jesus was not just an example for how humans to live, but the way humans were to be saved. Due to the shared divine powers of Jesus Christ and God the father, it is adherently truth when the Nicene Creed states that Jesus is God and God is Jesus.

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