Universal Healthcare And Affordable Health Care Act Essay

Universal Healthcare And Affordable Health Care Act Essay

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Universal Healthcare by definition means healthcare for all. That would also mean that an insured persons rates would not be increased to cover the uninsured. Universal Healthcare is moral and just obligation. By promoting the health of our citizens we then promote our infrastructure as well.
“Free medical services would encourage patients to practice preventive medicine and inquire about problems early when treatment will be light; currently, patients often avoid.” (Messerli)
Before “Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care act.” Americans were not required to purchase and the cost of insurance went up to cover the uninsured. The closest America has come to a single payer system ie, “Universal Healthcare” is the “Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care” act. President Obama signed into law in 2010.
Mohhammad Aktahter states that, “Instead of relying on models from other countries, I believe that the most effective way to reform the US health care system is to build on its existing structures and institutions by an incremental process of change. A number of observers, including Kahn and Pollock, have recommended that the health care reform effort be spearheaded by a coalition of stakeholders from across the political spectrum, and that efforts of this coalition be focused on that segment of the population that is most in need of assistance (i.e., low-income workers).17 In addition, they and others have suggested that planning efforts build on insurance coverage systems that exist at present, such as Medicaid, the State Children 's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and Medicare.” Additionally, “Adopting the incremental approach to health care reform will not be easy. The fact that there are many powerful stakehold...

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Universal Healthcare by definition means healthcare for all. As previously stated it does not, however, mean that Healthcare is free, nor does it mean that everyone will get every type of testing available. Regardless of which type of healthcare system America has people have always been left behind. The “Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care act.” Is structured to incorporate an integrated system that would essentially be Universal Healthcare. That would also mean that an insured person 's rates would not be increased to cover the uninsured. Universal Healthcare is a moral and just obligation. By promoting the health of our citizens, we then promote our infrastructure as well. Although it is not free and it will take time and effort to implement. It is worth an extra tax and the extra effort to ensure a Healthy and prosperous nation.

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