Essay on The Universal Definition Of Democracy

Essay on The Universal Definition Of Democracy

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The universal definition of democracy is that "people have substantial control over decisions which affect them". This definition is broad and within it are multiple worldviews with differing interpretations of what is meant by "people", "control", and "decisions". Two of the worldviews of democracy included within this universal definition are liberalism and socialism.

The liberalism worldview interprets "people" as "individuals" and focuses on the promotion of individual liberty. Liberalism views democracy as a political system which allows individuals to decide what 's best for themselves, basically it drives the decision-making process down to the lowest level. The liberal ideal is an open society where people are free to pursue their own ideas and interests with minimal interference from other individuals or the government (autonomy). Because of the focus on individuals, this view expects an institution which creates rules for competition, and that it is the rights and responsibilities of all individuals to participate in the liberal society and political process. The liberalism view as it relates to human nature is that individuals are rational, capable, and responsible. This view supports the rational that "everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and anyone can become successful if they just work hard enough", a view in which success is not guaranteed, "you must work hard for what you earn". The dilemma of liberalism is that each individual pursuing their own ideas and interests naturally conflicts with other individuals pursuing their own ideas and interests. This creates competition (pecking order). Liberalism believes that success and accumulation belongs to those who put forth the most effort, and wi...

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...distorts the equality in society. I believe in removing the barriers which keep certain people disadvantaged vs. simply giving the same benefits to those who contribute to society at a lower level. Basically, if someone has the will to contribute but not the means then I support removing the obstacles by which their means are limited. I also believe that certain things in life that are currently regarded as "benefits" but should be considered as "rights". By this I mean that politics, healthcare, education and employment shouldn 't be considered "benefits" which can only be accessed by the privileged few, they should be the rights of all people - all people should have EQUAL ACCESS to these institutions as a right which is where I lean towards socialism in my views. In America, it is a total myth that we are completely free and have equal opportunity and access.

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