United V. Federal Election Commission Essay

United V. Federal Election Commission Essay

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Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was a 2010 court decision concerning campaign financing. Before the Citizens United decision, the Federal Election Campaign Act regulated campaign finances and the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act amended campaign spending. These two laws prohibited corporations from spending money on financing electioneering communications. Electioneering communications are any broadcast, cable or satellite communications that, are publicly distributed shortly before the election, are targeted to the relevant electorate (Senate and House of Representatives) and refer to a clearly-identified candidate for the federal office. The law also prohibited corporations from spending money on independent expenditures. Independent expenditures is money spent on the communication that advocate for the election or try to defeat a clearly identified candidate. These are done completely independent of the candidate or the candidate’s respective political party. In 2008, Citizens United, which is a nonprofit organization that produces political films, created and released a movie about Hillary Clinton. In 2008 Hillary Clinton, was running for president of the United States, the primaries were currently underway. The film expressed advocacy and would be available thirty days within Clinton’s election and thus qualifies as an electioneering communication. Citizens United argued that the electioneering communications and accompanying financial disclosure requirements violated the first amendment, freedom of speech. In a 5-4 decision made by the Supreme Court, it was ruled that the prohibition on corporate spending for independent expenditures and electioneering communications was unconstitutional (Trimble 201...

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...“Corporate and investor calculations about energy production will differ if the cost of coal does not include the cost of preventing the destruction of what belongs to other people-water, air, mountains, and valleys, not to mention fish ponds and house foundations. American do not make enough money, since wages for most people have been flat for thirty years.
Chapter six is called ‘Corporations Can’t Love.’ Corporations do not have voices or any rights. Corporations do not love anything and go on and on. Many corporations have committed crimes, yet these corporations are not looked at as if they were people. Corporations are thought as differently than when you think of people. Clements emphasizes that Corporations are not people by saying the Corporations cannot love. Love is usually associated with people loving others. Corporations are unable to do that.

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