The United States Should Support The Declaration Of End Discrimination Against Women

The United States Should Support The Declaration Of End Discrimination Against Women

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The United States should support the declaration to end discrimination against women in all forms. That would ensure that men and women are treated equally with the same standards in the political, economic, social, and cultural spectrum. Women should be granted all the rights as men in politics and social settings, because both should share equal rights. The US should sign this declaration on women because they need protection against their religion, which can violate their basic human rights.
Religion might violate a women’s right because without a man they are nothing and are banished from remarrying, and inheriting property. It’s a violation for a parent to choose whom their daughter should marry. In the US we allow a woman to marry whomever they fall in love with and file a divorce if they feel miss treated or abused. I feel that the government should step in and allow both Hindu and Islamic women to have freedom. In an article “Women Say Religious Traditions Block Their Rights,” an Islamist activist Mohsen Ali Awaji explains that, “We have to force some conservatives to give up most of their opinion, but it does not mean we have to demolish all boundaries.” If we support this declaration, women wouldn’t have to suffer from a lack of protection from domestic violence and receiving financial assistance. Overtime the US has adapted as a more moderate society, due to divorce not being a law in the US. According to The History of Divorce Law in The USA, “In the North, the colonies adopted their own approach that made divorce available, whereas the southern colonies did all they could to prevent the act even if they did have legislation in place.” Today our government in the US now offers a law for couple’s who want to file a di...

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... but we think we’re ahead because of this notion that we’re exceptional but we’re really not. We don’t have the same amount of women in fields of engineering, mathematics, and in corporate boards that other countries have. The interesting position is if we support the UN declaration, it will show we haven’t met a lot of the standards. The US already discriminates against women, we our lacking and behind in measures that show the equality of life between man and women in this country.
While the US doesn’t violate a women’s human right. Women are being discriminated against all over, while a place like Saudi Arabia discriminates against women have freedom, women in the US are discriminated in other areas like maternity leave, and equal pay. In history the US has eventually come around to the side of right. However this would force us to have to make a huge decision.

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