The United States Should Legalize Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

The United States Should Legalize Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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As 2016 gains in proximity the presidential candidates have been decided and the various issues on the platform for the Presidential candidates are becoming finalized. The presidential candidates focus on the issues to secure the votes of the American people. Presidential candidates avoid topics that are controversial, for example abortion. In 2016 the topic of Physician Assisted Suicide will not be on the platform, but why? Physician Assisted Suicide is a very heated topic in the United State of America because of the affects it could have on the people of the United States. A few select states, Vermont, Montana, Oregon, and Washington within the United State have taken a stand for or against Physician Assisted Suicide but there has been no national legislation of Physician Assisted Suicide. A consistent stance on Physician Assisted Suicide should be taken across the United States.
Physician Assisted Suicide is suicide, the death of a patient facilitated by a physician where lethal drugs are administered. In four states in the United States and many countries around the world the right to die act has been expressed in the legislation put in place. The right to die act is an ethical or institutional entitlement of any individual to commit suicide or participate in Physician Assisted Suicide when facing a terminal illness. Physician Assisted Suicide allows the patient to take charge of their own life by not letting the illness consume their life. In many cases patients that choose Physician Assisted Suicide avoid prolonged pain and painful death in the long run. Palliative care such as hospice and nursing homes can be eased for the family by choosing Physician Assisted Suicide. Although Physician Assisted Suicide is not an altern...

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