Essay on The United States Should Keep Fighting The Militant Group

Essay on The United States Should Keep Fighting The Militant Group

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In this paper I will be arguing why I believe the United States should keep fighting the militant group known as ISIS, but shouldn 't do more than air power. While troops are on the ground there is a greater chance that ISIS can get ahold of more U.S. troops and kill them. There have been over 10,000 ISIS fighters killed, but still that has barely made a dent in the amount of fighters they have. It is too much of a risk to send U.S. troops on the ground, so that should be left as a last resort.
The normative principle I am arguing is the just war theory. The idea that violence can be justified under certain criteria. For example, ISIS is killing innocent civilians to show how they want to take control and to try to make a point that they will stop for nothing. With that being said, it is acceptable for U.S. troops to come in and help kill ISIS fighters, if it’s protecting more innocent bystanders than harming them. In this paper, I will be explaining the different criteria that is looked at in deciding what is considered just.
The first criteria is the Just Cause, stating the wa...

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