United States Should Adopt The British Custom Of Taking A Gap Year Essay

United States Should Adopt The British Custom Of Taking A Gap Year Essay

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A gap year is a time for teens to take off between high school and college. A gap year is used to travel, work, volunteer or study. In general, a gap year has many advantages. This year out of a school is a good time for students to explore the world and gain valuable life skills and experience while learning to be independent. Teens in the U.S. should adopt the British custom of taking a gap year between high school and college in order to gain perspective on personal values and career goals as well as gaining needed life experiences without the pressure and expectations of a school environment. A gap year is a time for students to become independent and learn a sense of responsibility before entering into university life.

In the U.S. there is so much emphasis on college preparation during high school, many students feel that continuing on to college is an expected thing to do. Not many students consider the option of a gap year, despite the fact it 's easy to complete college applications during high school while still pursuing on with a gap year. In contrast, “Europeans do much more of their university preparation and applications outside of their high school. Because of this, many students use a gap year after high school to both travel and spend time completing tests and applications for universities” (Moy). Giving students the time to fill out applications and take tests in their gap year can help teens feel more relaxed and equipped to take on a college university. “Services found that 7% of all British students deferred admission to take a gap year in 2007. According to the Higher Education Research Institute, an estimated 1.2 percent of first-time college freshmen in the United States deferred admission to take...

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...ing a gap year to go abroad can help build a network of contacts which may lead to a paying job and also shape the student into being a more independent individual.
Some people might be concerned that a gap year will make it look like a teen is irresponsible or does not want to commit to something. While most people don’t know that colleges and universities all over the country know the value and importance of a gap year for students, “schools like Harvard and Princeton actively promote students taking gap time and have established support programs” (Sarouthan). Numerous universities in the United States have deferral policies for students wanting to take a gap year. Most colleges allow students to take up to 8 credits during their gap year. Taking classes online or at a local community college can save time and money before actually getting to a university.

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