Essay on The United States ' Second War Of Independence

Essay on The United States ' Second War Of Independence

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The War of 1812 is often referred to as the United States’ second war of independence because, like the Revolutionary War, it was fought against Great Britain. The Conflict resulted from the clash between American nationalism and the war Britain and its allies were waging against the empire of Napoleonic France. Many Americans believed that England sought to humiliate the United States, limit its growth, and perhaps even impose a quasi‐colonial status upon its former colonies.
Years before the war on December 3rd, 1775, (John Paul Jones) who is believed today is the father of our navy hoisted the first American Flag over the Continental Naval Ship Alfred. The first American Flag was the Grand Union Flag. The Grand Union Flag which had thirteen red and white stripes was taken directly from the British East Indian Company Flag. It is from this flag that our current American Flag evolved. The adopting of the Grand Union Flag which in reality is the British East Indian Company Flag was intended to symbolize the fact that the United States of America would be an autonomous Corporate Colony under the authority of the King of England and not an independent nation.
Also in 1783 the British supposedly recognized American independence in the Treaty of Paris. Some who have often studied history stated that the Treaty of Paris was very generous in the United States in terms of recognizing significantly enlarged borders. The justification behind the so-called generosity of the English was the expectation that America would become a major trading partner of England. In the words of the French Foreign Minister Vergennes being quoted as saying: “The English buys peace rather than make it”
At that time the wars between Revolutionary and Napoleonic...

... middle of paper ... and Spanish colonial possessions in Canada and Florida. But because the legislation failed to change British policy it seriously harmed the U.S. economy as well, it was replaced by the Non‐Intercourse Act in March 1809. This measure prohibited trade with Europeans’.
Still having a confrontational disagreement until it was replaced in May 1810 by Macon 's Bill No. 2. This law reopened American trade with all countries matters to the endowment that in the event of either France or Great Britain cancelling its antineutral policies, the United States would then enforce no intercourse against whichever nation failed to follow suit by lifting the remaining restrictions on trade. In August 1810, Napoleon announced he would cancelling the Berlin and Milan decrees on the understanding that the United States would also force Great Britain to respect its neutral rights.

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