The United States ' Reconstruction Era Essay

The United States ' Reconstruction Era Essay

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Being a Muslim in today’s modern America isn’t easy. From being searched at airports, avoided on the streets, to even being violently attacked by strangers, Muslims suffer discrimination all across the nation. Is the violence justifiable? Certainly there are some that wish to do harm, but the majority are just average citizens trying to live their lives like their white counterparts. However, in order to truly understand this negative outlook phenomenon, recall that all history tends to repeat themselves. African Americans went through similar racist attacks just two centuries ago, back in United States’ Reconstruction era. This hostile attitude ended up playing an important role in giving the white people in the south the supremacy they felt they deserved.
The first discriminatory abuse that impacted the retake over of white supremacy was the black codes. The black codes were laws passed by Southern states to discriminate against blacks, keep them insubordinate to whites, and force them back to plantations. These codes made it so that blacks couldn’t own guns, didn’t allow any insulting movements, required written evidence of employment, couldn’t travel, and it wasn’t possible to serve on juries or vote. The laws stripped away any form of defense African Americans had against white people and limited them to only domestic labor or farm work (427-428). Southern whites could therefore physically attack any black person they took offense against and there would be no fear of punishment from the law or other African American witnesses. Another factor that played a role in giving whites more power over blacks was the formation of the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan was a paramilitary group supported by southern Democrats and ...

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...t this time the American government wanted to be rid of Johnson. In order for the Republicans to get their candidate, Rutherford B. Hayes, be made president, they had to agree to pull all federal troops out of the south. This came to be called the Compromise of 1877 (445). With no more military left in the south to break up outbreaks of violence, blacks didn’t stand a chance against its white counterparts and there was no union left to regulate the actions of the southerners. They were free to have as much control as they wanted, but it was the only way for Republicans to finally get control of politics and clear out the damage Johnson had done.
While there is hope that Muslim Americans will never be treated as poorly as African Americans during the time of Reconstruction, they both reflect the violent nature of racism and the apathetic agenda of politicians.

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