The United States Racism And Discrimination Directed At African Americans

The United States Racism And Discrimination Directed At African Americans

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In the United States racism and discrimination directed at African Americans has been an ongoing struggle. However, looking back at history there is a story of triumph and determination that African Americans went through to claim what was rightfully there’s in the first place their freedom, the very basis the United States was built upon. Black capitalism and political accommodation was one of the reasons African Americans were able to combat Jim crow laws and eventually overcome them. I am not saying that racism has been completely eliminated today, but huge strides have been made in equality due to the brave organizations in the pre WWII era.
In 1865 the civil war ends and the 13th amendment is passed and slavery is officially prohibited in all states. To many Americans the civil war is seen as the end of slavery, but with the end of slavery came something considerably crueler. Black codes are passed in southern states which drastically restricted rights of all black men and women. Black codes were implemented in the south in order to establish sharecropping. The sharecropping system was no better than slavery itself it forced African Americans to fall into a deep debt with their white landowners, poverty and the threat of violence left African Americans hopeless. As new amendments continue to be passed and blacks are gaining more and more freedom racist white vigilante groups took it into their own hands to make sure racism remained prominent in the United States. The institution of Jim crow Laws and the formation of the Ku Klux Klan instilled fear into African Americans all over America. The crimes they committed were gruesome lynching’s were direct acts of violence committed to keep blacks in line. However, going forward Af...

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...italism and political accommodation because these methods of reaching equality reaped the most benefits for the African American community. I didn’t choose any of the other methods, because I saw the limitations each one had compared to the choice I advocated for. African Americans have been through so much: from slavery, lynching’s, and segregation however, they have always found a way to overcome these hardships. With inspirational men like Booker T. Washington and W.E.B Dubois who fought for equality and economic independence to make sure African Americans had a voice, and didn’t stand for white supremacy and racism. The fight still continues for the black community in modern times as we see with police brutality and wrongful accusations, but I believe being educated on these brutal acts of racism and violence, we as a society can eventually learn to live as one.

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