Essay on The United States Problems With Population Growth

Essay on The United States Problems With Population Growth

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While the world has issues with immigration, health care, drugs, gun control, taxes, and so on going on in the world we forget to think about the fact that our world is facing an issue as impractical as population growth. The idea that having a child will create issues for a country is odd, but it is the case for many countries, including the United States of America. “The U.S. is the third most populous country in the world and has the highest population growth rate of all developed countries,” ( Chamie 1) to further analyze this issue to put it in perspective of the global issue it actual is by comparing the United States current issue with population growth to the population growth issue in China.
Since the United States founding in 1776, immigration has brought more than half of America’s population growth. Without immigration, the United States current population of 316 million would be about 143 million (Does 1). As far as China’s history with population growth goes, until the 1960’s they had actually been encouraging their people to have many children because it was believed that power would come with big numbers. The population of China would increase from 540 million to 940 million by 1970, they then started encouraging their people to only have two children, but soon they would begin to create a policy to guarantee that the population growth rate would lower (Wang 1), which was a completely opposite policy than the U.S took.
The policies of the United States regarding population growth aren’t that severe. Politically the United States is thought to be pro-natal, meaning that its national policies in place that encourage people to have more children. Fore-most among these policies is an income tax structure that offer...

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... overpopulation two countries like China and the United States may have completely different policies on this issue, but yet they both are looking at serious complications because of it. China does have a much larger issue than the United States, but it is evident that if changes aren’t made the roles may be reversed, which unfortunately wouldn’t be good for either one. So despite the different culture, government, location, or history we see that they have both come to face the same issue of overpopulation. They must work to find a good policy that balances in between not violating citizen’s moral rights, but also being realistic about what one country can and cannot allow. This is an issue that everyone is aware of even if they don’t approach it correctly, “Our object must be to bring our territory into harmony with the numbers of our population.”― Adolf Hitler.

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