Essay on The United States Of The Space

Essay on The United States Of The Space

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Mission Statement:
The United States of America works to build a suitable environment to allow dynamic expansion of human activities into space for peaceful and defensive activities for the betterment of Americans and all mankind.
The United States (U.S) has been a world leader since the beginning of the space program. However, the nature of space activities and the political environment has changed dramatically since the space age began. Space activities no longer represent a foreign policy to overcome another nation, but to work with them. Also, space technology has matured significantly enough to provide commercial entities profitable access to space.
These changes require a major overhaul to space policy to reflect the emerging dynamics of the space sector. Commercial entities are able to operate independent of government control more than ever before. The potential capability will only increase as time goes on; therefore The U.S. government must develop and put into place policies to keep pace with the materializing market. In addition, more nations are acquiring space technology to increase their respective nation’s capability. The proliferation of space technology creates the potential for disaster of space activities. As more nations obtain space technology, they can create potential space hazards or even employ an offensive space-based weapon system sparking a new arms race in space.
Despite these dangers, other nations becoming active in space increases opportunity to develop stronger bonds with fellow world nations, as with the International Space Station (ISS). Developing stronger bonds between nations is essential for moving the U.S. forward. Sharing space knowledge hopefully, but conscientiously, can mi...

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...owing both sides to assist each other.
• Craft follow-on initiatives for current Earth and solar observation to continue being a world leader in providing scientific data of the Earth and near-Earth environment for peaceful and self-defense purposes.
All departments and agencies will ensure acts carried out under this policy conform to: the overall resource and policy guidance provided by the President; all U.S. laws and regulations, treaties, and other agreements to which the United States is a party; applicable international law; U.S. national and homeland security requirements; U.S. foreign policy; and national interests.
For the purposes of consistency, legal applicability, and ease of use, the previous disclaimer and some paragraph titles in the following pages have retained some or all original wording from the previous National Space Policy (USNSP, p.4-14).

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